Reviews and Blog Posts: Montana

Hattie Big Sky

by Kirby Larson

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I picked up Hattie Big Sky because I am not a huge fan of westerns and I thought I would try easing into the genre with a Young Adult novel. Hattie Big Sky could be called a more grown up version of Little House on the Prairie. Orphaned at a...

Montana sky

by Nora Roberts

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Though I'm not normally a romance reader, I figured if I was going to try one, it had to be Nora Roberts. There's a reason she's so popular--vivid characters and descriptions of landscapes, just the right amount of tension and danger, and of course, the romance. 3 strong women have...

Kiss the morning star

by Elissa Janine Hoole

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Anna and Kat are on a post graduation road trip, inspired by the words of Jack Kerouac and looking for answers. Anna hasn't been able to feel much since her mother died and her father shut down, and Kat wants her best friend back. A wild ride that includes matching...

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