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Prayers for the stolen : a novel

by Jennifer Clement

Reviewer Rating:

I definitely love the premise of the book, but I didn't enjoy the pace. I had a hard time getting into the story, even though it could be a great story. Ladydi lives in a small mountain town in Mexico. This town is full of forgotten women, the men have...

I pledge allegiance

by Pat Mora

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I enjoyed this book because it has the great optimism that children's books should have. Although, in real life when it comes to immigration and such there isn't always nice things to say to the people who want to become citizens of the United States. But Libby's great aunt makes...

The mystery of grace

by Charles De Lint

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John tries to figure out the mystery of Grace after meeting her and she literally vanishes into thin air. In this book, I enjoyed the characters because they are flawed and real, even though this is considered a fantasy book. Most of the characters have suffered from some sort of...

Fall into Fun Programming at Cherry Creek!

"Leaf" Us Your Favorite Book

A lot has happened this fall at the Ross-Cherry Creek branch! You may have seen our in-house tree standing tall as can be, right in the center of the first floor, or our ever-changing cultural displays in the front and the Beehive area.

The Cherry Creek tree brought a lot of attention as the site for "leaf" us your favorite book. Kids, teens, families and adults all were able to leave us the title of their favorite books.

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