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They Are Legend: Authors We Lost in 2013

The Golden Notebook

As we all get used to writing "2014" as the date, here is a last look back at some of the notable authors we lost in 2013. Their words will long endure.

Chinua Achebe--Nigerian writer who died at age 82. His most famous work is Things Fall Apart (1958).

Iain Banks--Scottish author of both contemporary and science fiction.

Tom Clancy--popular author of espionage and military thrillers. His classic works include The Hunt for Red October and other books starring CIA operative Jack Ryan.

Undisputed truth

by Mike Tyson

Reviewer Rating:

This is a brawler of a book. It’s unflinching in its honesty and brutal in its depiction of one of the most thrilling and ferocious boxers of all time. There is no self pity, no woe is me justifications, just a very candid portrayal of one of sports most compelling...

I can barely take care of myself : tales from a happy life without kids

by Jen Kirkman

Reviewer Rating:

I wanted to read something funny, but this book didn't do much for me. Fans of Chelsea Handler might like it, though. I found Jen to be more than a little self-centered and shallow. Maybe it's just the mom in me that can't relate. Sure, I understand not wanting...

I am Malala : the girl who stood up for education and was shot by the Taliban

by Malala Yousafzai

Reviewer Rating:

Malala is well-known as the schoolgirl victim of a shooting by the Taliban in Pakistan. This memoir brings her to life. She is still a schoolgirl who misses her friends, but she is also an experienced activist who can speak confidently in front of international diplomats. Malala and her family...

The world's strongest librarian a memoir of Tourette's, faith, strength, and the power of family

by Joshua Hanagarne

Reviewer Rating:

Josh Hanagarne is a librarian, has Tourette’s syndrome, and can deadlift 600 pounds. In this touching autobiography, Hanagarne shares what it is like to live with Tourette’s and how he was able, after much struggle, to build a full life. If you like stories about real people overcoming adversity then...

Is everyone hanging out without me? (and other concerns)

by Mindy Kaling

Reviewer Rating:

Mindy takes us along on her re-telling of her life and career thus far up (to 2011, the time of the book's publication). Listening to her talk about her childhood, young adulthood and career. I listened to the audio book read by the author. I think it was more satisfying...

Ask me why I hurt : the kids nobody wants and the doctor who heals them

by Randy Christensen

Reviewer Rating:

Ask Me Why I Hurt tells the story of Arizona pediatrician Dr. Randy Christensen, who left his position at the Phoenix Children's Hospital in order to convert an ancient Winnebago into a mobile doctor's office.  The Crews'n Healthmobile​ travels around Phoenix, treating homeless teenagers and children.  Dr.

Yes, chef a memoir

by Marcus Samuelsson

Reviewer Rating:

An unpretentious Marcus Samuelsson recounts his journey from BOY to CHEF to MAN in his memoir, Yes, Chef.   His list of accolades is impressive and long, so just a few highlights will be mentioned.  Samuelsson is the youngest chef ever to receive a three-star rating from The New York Times. ...

Grief girl : my true story

by Erin Vincent

Reviewer Rating:

Trigger warnings for Grief Girl include, but are not limited to: death, domestic abuse, disordered eating, self harm, suicidal thoughts, neglect, and sexual harassment.  

This is not a book you read to feel good about humanity.

Call of the white : taking the world to the South Pole : eight women, one unique expedition

by Felicity Aston

Reviewer Rating:

I love both adventure/travel memoirs and stories set in Antarctica, so I'm not sure how I missed this book when it came out several years ago--but I'm glad I found it eventually. Aston's story is unique in that she wanted to put together an international team of "ordinary women" to...

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