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Plaza Voices: Numb3rs in My Life

Phot of Plaza program activity leader Warren R.

Warren R., a Plaza program Activities Leader, writes:

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved math. My mom always took me to the wet market back home in the Philippines, and in my head I would calculate almost everything, from the price of the buko (coconut) juice I drank, to the change that we were supposed to get when we paid for our tricycle (3-wheel public utility vehicle) transportation. I carried this love for math into every endeavor I took on.

Nearly gone

by Elle Cosimano

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Nearly Boswell is a high school senior currently in the running for a very competitive chemistry scholarship. And we hope she gets it, because for Nearly there frankly aren't any other options for getting out of her trailer park and away from her hopeless surroundings.

Nearly has few friends and occupies...


by Joseph Midthun

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The Building Blocks of Science series of books are really fun and informative, using both text and illustrations with fun characters to teach basic body system, science, and math concepts.  My fifth grader loved them and asked for more, and his younger cousin visiting from Minnesota also could not put...

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