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Mindfulness at Noon: Creativity and Innovation Would Like to Say a Few Words


Artists and designers must use creativity and innovation in their work but even if you don't work in what you consider to be a creative field, you still use creativity in your day-to-day life. We're all creative with our homes, schedules, money, and relationships, and we have to be creative to solve problems at work and at home. We're all designers, even if the only thing we design today is dinner! So how can we use mindfulness to encourage creativity and innovation in any task?

TEDxMileHigh: Are you going?


The fifth annual TEDxMileHigh is this Saturday, June 13, at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, and the good news is we can help you get that TED Talk fix even if you are not lucky enough to attend this year, or if you go and you love it so much you just gotta have more!  Not only do we have computers available for public use at all of our locations so you can watch previous TED Talks online, we also have

Essentialism : the disciplined pursuit of less

by Greg McKeown

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If you've adopted "the undisciplined pursuit of more" don't look for a "less is more" solution. McKeown shares his blueprint for "less is better."  Learn discernment and enjoy the small wins at work and home. Choice, clarity, and focus beget the next right action.  Add play, joy, and "no" to...

Brick by brick

by David C. (David Chandler) Robertson

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If you've ever wondered what's behind those plastic LEGO bricks that captivate children of all ages, this book is for you! Robertson has all the right business credentials (Wharton, McKinsey) and unfettered access to the Danish firm to tell LEGO's company story. Robertson doesn't stop there, however. He takes LEGO's...

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