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The city of Dreaming Books : a novel from Zamonia by Optimus Yarnspinner

by Walter Moers

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Imagine an illustrated book for grown ups, now stop imagining because you are holding it! Walter Moers, a German author and illustrator, has three of his great books translated into English. City of Dreaming Books is the most recent.  This tale follows the misadventures of Optimus Yarnspinner as he tries...

What we eat when we eat alone

by Deborah Madison

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I just loved this book, I'm pretty much a sucker for illustrated books for adults (why do kids get to have all the visual fun?!?!) and this one combines many of my favorite things, cooking, eating, memoir, illustrations, recipes! What we eat when we eat alone is a fantastic meditation...

The sensualist : a novel

by Barbara Hodgson

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This beautifully illustrated mystery follows Helen Martin on a very strange journey. An expert in antique anatomical illustrations she goes on a trip to track down her missing husband, all the while feeling not quite herself. She goes through several strange transformations a little like poor Gregor Samsa, she's never...

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