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The intouchables

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   Based on a true story this movie is about two men who come from diametrically opposite sides of society. One is a handicapped millionaire called Phillippe who lives in a Parisian mansion with a fleet of servants, the other is an African immigrant called Driss who lives by his...

Change of course

by Joseph T Klempner

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Adult brothers embark on an ambitious sailing adventure after learning about the younger brother's fatal diagnosis.

How Many Teeth Does a Snail Have?

When I think of comforting, compelling animal companions, I didn't think of snails until I read The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating by Elisabeth Tova Bailey. During a long period of an autoimmune illness, a snail that a friend brought to her room was both companion and source of wonder.

The book that Bailey has compiled, comprised of both her experience with "her" snail and extensive research into the natural history of snails is a fascinating read. When the snail first arrived in Bailey's life, she was a bit annoyed--she could barely take care of herself, she didn't need another creature to worry about. Despite this, she soon found watching the snail almost meditative, and she began to follow the rhythms of its nocturnal life, becoming fascinated with its habits. She found out about the eating and reproductive habits of snails, about their unique anatomy.

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