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Burial rites : a novel

by Hannah Kent

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The wheels of justice turned slowly in 19th century Iceland. Agnes is convicted of the murder of her former employer and sentenced to death. The family of an official is asked to shelter her until approval for the execution comes from Denmark. Agnes requests a young minister named Toti to...

Black skies : an Inspector Erlendur Novel

by 1961- Arnaldur Indriðason

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Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland is the setting for Insp. Sigurdur Óle’s handling of a murder inquiry that connects all too closely with his own network of friends. Typically, Indridason writes of Inspector Erlendur, but he is off on vacation and Óle handles the role of protagonist providing a sour...

Volcanos, Elves, and Bjork

Iceland landscape

Beginning May 11th, Icelandair will be offering direct flights from DIA to Iceland's capital, Reykjavík.  A paltry 8 hour flight will get you to this geothermal wonderland where 10% of the population believes in the existence of elves* and phone directories are organized by first names.

While you can always pick up a travel guide, it can be much more interesting and engaging to do some primary source research when visiting a foreign culture.  Whether you are seriously considering a trip to Iceland or just curious about their cultural exports, get started with these items from the library:



by Sigur Rós (Musical group)

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On many 2005 Top 10 lists including some here at the Library, this is a must hear, dramatic and lovely.

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