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Are you afraid of Classical Music?

The MozART Group

So... afraid of classical music, are you?? Try a dose of giggles! Have a heap of some humorous music!!

Recently, a friend sent me a YouTube link to a Polish quartet who call themselves The MozART Group. I watched the video that my friend sent. And then I watched another and another and another. Although there are currently 49 YouTube videos listed for this group, I decided not to watch all of them in one sitting. My cheeks and my sides were starting to hurt from laughing so hard!

12 golden country greats

by Ween

Reviewer Rating:

Don't like country music? It doesn't matter, listen to this anyway. Great music featuring some of Nashville's finest, along with Ween's usual amusing (and often true-to-life) lyrics, this album is a rockin' good time.

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