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I suck at girls

by Justin Halpern

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Justin Halpern is more widely known for the Twitter feed and eventual book Sh*t My Dad Says. After his feed brought him fame, a book deal, and a TV show, he published I Suck at Girls, a humorous retrospective on his romantic life. From boyhood to his decision to propose...

Go the fuck to sleep

by Adam Mansbach

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If you've had any part in helping to raise a small child, or if you plan to, you need to read this hilarious book about the follies of actually putting that child to bed. Adam Mansbach perfectly captures the sleep-deprived anger and frustration inherent in trying to convince a toddler to...

Dog on it : a Chet and Bernie mystery

by Spencer Quinn

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Spencer Quinn's main characters Chet (a police dog who flunked out in the dog police academy) and Bernie (a financially challenged private investigator), are hilarious in this mystery novel that is first in a series. This Chet and Bernie novel, is fast paced and will keep you on the edge...

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