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This documentary confronts the important issue of keeping and breeding wild and predatory animals in captivity. It’s specifically about Orca Whales and the human fatalities resulting in their captivity in businesses like SeaWorld. Although it wasn’t as informative or well-argued as I hoped, there were some real gems of research...

Eating animals

by Jonathan Safran Foer

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Jonathan Safran Foer is at a crossroads in his life. About to become a father, he suddenly feels the urge to write a book about eating animals. His impending fatherhood has made him realize many things about his life and the life and earth he wishes to leave for his...

scent of the missing: love and partnership with a search and rescue dog

scent of the missing: love and partnership with a search and rescue dog

Dogs are doing their part to help tsunami-ravaged Japan. Remember the photos from Katrina? 9/11? Oklahoma City? Do you ever wonder about the stories behind the search and rescue teams whose photos capture our hearts? Are these people paid rescue workers or volunteers? Could you and your dog form a search and rescue team?

Humans have long used dogs, with their remarkable scenting abilities, to pursue and recover people who have fallen prey to crime, misadventure, or catastrophe. Recent tragedies such as the tsunami in Japan and Hurricane Katrina have brought search and rescue (SAR) recovery to the forefront of daily news. In Scent of the Missing: Love and Partnership with a Search and Rescue Dog, Susannah Charleson introduces us to this world as she vividly describes the adoption and training of her puppy, Puzzle.

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