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Yum! Focus on Food at Ross-Cherry Creek

Everyone enjoys eating tasty food. Coming up at Ross-Cherry Creek we have two programs which will assist in preparing food.

Join us Wednesday, January 15 at 6 p.m. for The Secret Life of the Specialty Diet led by Amanda Faison. Amanda oversees all food-related coverage for 5280 magazine. Her youngest daughter has multiple food allergies. Desiring to provide her daughter great tasting food she has taken on the challenge of cooking with substitutes. Faison is an avid cook who loves to recipe test and tinker in the kitchen.

Gluten-free holiday baking : more than 150 cakes, pies, and pastries made with flavor, not flour

by Ellen Brown

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One of the cons of eating gluten-free is the fact that most everything you previously ate is now off limits. The glaring absence of delicious foods is very obvious...especially during the holidays. No pies, rolls, pastries, or Christmas tree cookies makes for a very dismal Christmas. I picked up this...

The gluten-free table : the Lagasse girls share their favorite meals

by Jilly Lagasse

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If you have any experience with gluten-free cooking, you know the recipes can be hit or miss. Some are delicious and some are not. The Gluten-free table is definitely a book of hits. It has a ton of recipes that you would actually want to eat, have the time to...

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