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Wheat belly lose the wheat, lose the weight, and find your path back to health

by William Davis

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I like reading health books but don't enjoy applying the information. After several people recommended Wheat Belly, I downloaded the audio ebook version. Dr. Davis makes a compelling argument with data and patient case studies for changing the role of grains in our diet. The biggest detractor from his health...

Gluten-free holiday baking : more than 150 cakes, pies, and pastries made with flavor, not flour

by Ellen Brown

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One of the cons of eating gluten-free is the fact that most everything you previously ate is now off limits. The glaring absence of delicious foods is very obvious...especially during the holidays. No pies, rolls, pastries, or Christmas tree cookies makes for a very dismal Christmas. I picked up this...

How exactly do you milk an almond? Eating a soy and dairy free diet.

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Having a daughter who is allergic to both dairy and soy is a challenge. Read on to find out how I have adjusted my diet in order to nurse a baby with food allergies.  Ice cream is still on the menu!

When I decided to breast feed my baby, I knew I would have to watch my diet, but I didn't know to what extent until my daughter's food allergies were diagnosed two months after she was born.
At first, avoiding foods with soy and dairy seemed almost impossible--grab any package from the shelves at your local grocery store and I can assure you that you will find the words, "contains soy" or "contains milk."  It's in everything!
Saying goodbye to cheese was hard, but I managed to find some tasty alternatives by reading up on food allergies at

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