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Voices from Chernobyl

by Svetlana. 1948- Aleksievich

This year's Nobel Laureate in Literature, Svetlana Alexievich composed Voices from Chernobyl. I read the first edition in Russian many years ago and remained permanently impressed because the text greatly diverges from the literature I previously read about the Chernobyl disaster.

Desert Flower

Desert Flower - The life of Waris Dirie

What an award winning performance by, Liya Kebede, as she portrays the life of Waris Dirie. Waris Dirie is a famous model who became outspoken about the practice of Female Genital Mutilation.

The story of Ms. Waris is both thought provoking and inspirational, as she tenaciously beats the odds against her through a cultural practice of the life she was born into. Desert Flower portrays a 13 year old Somali who left her home to avoid an arranged marriage to an older man. The journey through the deserts of Somalia leads her to London where she struggles through various trials eventually leading to her discovery by British fashion photographer Terence Donovan and becoming one of the world’s most famous fashion models.

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