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The idiot girl and the flaming tantrum of death : reflections on revenge, germophobia, and laser hair removal

by Laurie Notaro

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I like to laugh and a little TMI (too much information) from a writer doesn't bother me. What surprised me is Notaro's ability to totally shift gears and write an essay like "Ready or Not." Not only is Notaro funny, especially in dialogue with her husband, she can also deftly...

Carlos Fuentes, November 11, 1928 – May 15, 2012

The Writings of Carlos Fuentes

Prolific Mexican intellectual, novelist, essayist, and occasional commentator Carlos Fuentes died suddenly May 15, 2012 at the age 83. The author of The Writings of Carlos Fuentes quotes Fuentes as saying that "writing implies an engagement with history, culture and identity." There is no doubt that Carlos Fuentes engaged generations worldwide in truly seeing and contemplating Mexico.

Carlos Fuentes gave many fascinating interviews and many of them are available to watch online. The library has many titles by and about Carlos Fuentes, in Spanish and English. Here are a few:

Here is New York

by E. B. White

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Take a tour of the New York of years ago arm-in-arm with E.B. White. His elegant style beautifully showcases The City that has fascinated so many, a city that is "both changeless and changing," evident in the relevance of this essay even 50 years later.

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