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Maddaddam a novel

by Margaret Atwood

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What can I say? I love Margaret Atwood. It's been some time (2003) since Oryx and Crake, the first book in this trilogy, was released. I must say I was a bit fuzzy on all of the details of the first two books, which led to some confusion as...

A Part

by Wendell Berry

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This was my first foray into Wendell Berry's vast catalog.  A meditator on the natural and spiritual, Berry writes with an intimacy that goes beyond simple musings about the color of leaves or a distant God.  These poems have a rich, living feel that can only come from someone who...


by Craig Thompson

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Winner of the 2012 Eisner Award for Best Writer/Artist

Rambunctious garden : saving nature in a post-wild world

by Emma Marris

Reading Emma Marris’s book has transformed the way I think about nature and our relationship to it. Marris argues for nothing less than a radical new interpretation of what “nature” means to us. She believes that a new interpretation of Nature is vital and necessary for the survival of our...

Destroy all cars

by Blake Nelson

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Cameron Smith has his opinions, especially about consumerism and the environment. He expresses these opinions through essays he turns in as English assignments, often getting them back with the feedback that he needs to focus, stop ranting, and back up his points. Throughout the year, he tries to get over...

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