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Laughing down the moon

by Eva Indigo

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What's a recently single pagan to do? Allura Satou feels like she's in a rut--with her job, with her skepticism about love. She performs rituals and asks friends for advice, which variously lead her to adopting a pet bird, trying laugh yoga, and going on a blind date. Allura is...

Librarian with Dancing Fingers

I am a librarian with dancing fingers.

I live with a neurological disorder called cerebral palsy (cp). There are several types of cp and I have a rare type called ataxic. It affects my balance (I still use the railing when I descend stairs), my speech is not perfectly clear (I don’t mind repeating what I say), and I sometimes have a tremor when I use my hands. CP is not progressive and it doesn’t hurt for me to move – it just is a bit slower.

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