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by Neil Gaiman

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The annoying thing about watching a movie before discovering the book it was based on is that your favorite images and moments from the movie linger in your head and distract you from properly enjoying the book for itself once you get around to reading it. So it was for...

The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls

by Clare Legrand

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Victoria lives in a pristine little town in a nice home with two ordinary parents and one extraordinary report card.  In fact, her entire life is precise and orderly...until the day her best friend Lawrence disappears.  What is even more mysterious than his disappearance, however, is the fact that no...

172 hours on the moon : a novel

by Johan Harstad

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Would you enter a lottery for a chance to spend a week on the moon? What if you knew there was a chance that you'd never come back? NASA is trying to revitalize the space program and get everyone excited about moon exploration, years after the first Apollo flights. They...

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