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Map to the treasure : reimagining Laura Nyro

by Billy Childs

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Billy Childs, a jazz pianist has worked with a number of musicians to produce Map to the treasure: reimagining Laura Nyro. Laura Nyro, was a singer and composer who covered may genres among them R&B and Folk.  This CD includes some great covers of her music including “New York Tendaberry”...

Cover Me

Jeff Buckley's Grace

Is there any cover song that is better than the original?

My husband and I were discussing cover songs the other day and the conversation got me thinking. I used to be adamant that no cover song is better than the original until I realized that I couldn't argue my point because one of my favorite songs of all time is a cover! This brought to mind several other examples of cover songs that I actually prefer over the original. So I guess I have to eat my words a bit (just don't tell my husband!).

Here's my "better than the original" list. I'm curious to see what your list would include.

We've Got You Covered

Good Things by Aloe Blacc

I was recently introduced to the album, Good Things by Aloe Blacc. Hidden among his soulful original gems is a fantastic cover of Femme Fatal by The Velvet Underground. The genius of this cover is that it doesn't sound like a cover. It has the feeling of the original but sounds completely different. That got me thinking about other cover songs that I love.

Here are a few of my favorite covers:

Nouvelle Vague

by Nouvelle Vague

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"Nouvelle Vague" means "New Wave" in French and "Bossa Nova" in Portuguese. The idea behind the album was to take post-punk era songs from bands like The Clash, Joy Division and The Dead Kennedys and remake them in a bossa nova style. But it gets better--the young European singers performing...

The life aquatic with Steve Zissou original soundtrack

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Music from such varied artists as Devo, Joan Baez, Iggy and the Stooges and The Zombies blend with wondrous acoustic Brazilian renditions of David Bowie hits to make an amazing album. This soundtrack is a perfect mix that is old yet new, sad and happy and so much more. In...

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