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Lucky Peach Issue 20: Fine Dining

by David Chang

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When I take this magazine (quarterly journal…) out to outreach events people immediately say “the library has Lucky Peach?!” Yes, yes we do. If you are unfamiliar with this publication it is a quarterly journal with all sorts of wonderful food writing, both domestic and international by some of the...

Summer Nutrition Transition

fork, knife, soup spoon, and regular spoon

Changes in seasons very often bring changes in our diets. As the heat of the summer comes upon us we not only lighten up our wardrobes, we tend to lighten up our diets as well. Heavy, cold-weather foods get brushed aside in favor of fruits, salads, and recipes that don’t require us to heat up our ovens.  Looking for some culinary inspiration for your summer fare? Check out the following food programs at some of our branch libraries this month - samples included!

Cookbook Author Laura Miller Serves Up the Raw Truth About Good Food

Here's Laura Miller, in her own words, from the introduction of her new book, Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.:

"What I love about raw food is the juiciness and pleasure it adds to everyday life. Eating a mango on your lunch break, scooping the meat out of a coconut in your kitchen, breaking open a pomegranate and watching the seeds burst out -- each of these experiences is grounding and connects you to nature in a tangible way."

Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. Impossible? Not For Author Laura Miller

If you are making healthier choices in your cooking -- or you'd like to -- Laura Miller is here for you!

Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.
Book talk and cooking demo with Laura Miller.
Saturday, June 11, 1-3 p.m.
Central Library Conference Center

Chung kuo tsʻai

by Shuhui Huang

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I don't cook, but if I did, this would be my Bible for Chinese cooking. It's bilingual, in Chinese and English, and, from the photographs of the dishes, you can tell it's the real deal. These aren't jazzed-up American fusion dishes, or a passing ramen fad. In addition to food...

Keep Warm with Winter of Reading

Opera stars in costume lean over mixing bowl in "The Bartered Bride."

While Colorado is rife with opportunity to enjoy winter sports, my idea of a great winter afternoon is staying indoors with a good book and good food. Since Winter of Reading has declared reading itself a winter sport, I suppose I'm already halfway there! To combine reading and eating, I have selected a few cookbooks that read well from cover to cover, complete with excellent food writing, personal annotations, and, of course, recipes.

The Joy of Cookbooks

In Her Kitchen

Even if you don't actually like to cook, there is a certain pleasure to be had from just perusing cookbooks. Some have gorgeous photography. Some authors write about food in a way that can get you craving flavors you've never tasted before. Cookbooks allow you to fantasize about dishes that you might make (if you could find all of those rare ingredients and if you actually had all the strange kitchen gadgets required!). They allow you to travel the world through the cuisine of various countries. Some get so specific that they center around a single ingredient.

Plaza Voices: Noodling Around

Picante Beef Flavor Top Ramen

When you think of "fusion cuisine," Top Ramen may not be what comes to mind. But a recent blog post by National Public Radio's Linda Poon has opened my eyes. Ramen, as one of her sources notes, is a platform food--just about anything can be built upon it.

What did you eat yesterday? 1

by Fumi Yoshinaga

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Pass the miso soup, this manga is tastefully addictive. Shiro is a lawyer who would much rather be cooking instead of deflecting his colleagues spoken and unspoken questions about his hobbies and dating life. Shiro's boyfriend, Kenji, could care less who knows he is gay, is given to bouts of...

Green Eggs and Ham You May Actually Be Willing To Eat


For me, sharing books and sharing food with friends and family is about as good as it gets. Last month for Dr. Seuss's birthday a coworker brought in green eggs and ham - made of snack foods. It was amazing! There were delicious snacks to eat while we reminisced about our childhood memories of reading Seuss. It was so good I went home and made my own batch. 

Do it yourself!

Ingredients: White Chocolate or Almond Bark, Pretzel Sticks and Green M&M's. 

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