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by Disclosure

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Caracal is the second album by the British brothers Disclosure; their debut album, Settle, was released in 2013 .

If You Leave

by Daughter

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On their debut album, If You Leave, London indie/folk rock trio Daughter crafts spacious ambient textures saturated in reverb, swelling tremolos, and glacial sheets of oscillating sound juxtaposed with pulsing percussion arrangements and lyrical subject focusing largely on isolation, loss, abandonment, and unrequited love.  The opening proclamation on “Winter” by...

A cuppa, a crumpet and a corpse

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There's a reason why many of our popular shows are remakes from the UK: our friends across the pond really know how to do good TV, especially clever, thrilling mysteries. So if you're in the mood for a smart whodunit check out one of these fine British mystery series.

  • Wire in the Blood - Psychologist Dr. Tony Hill is called upon to help the police solve a series of brutal murders in the northern English town of Bradfield.

One Day - July 15th

I woke up this morning and realized that today is July 15th, a major theme of the novel I'm currently reading - One Day by British author, David Nicholls. I can't tell you everything since I'm only in the middle of it but I couldn't resist writing about it on this day.

Nicholls follows two characters over twenty years of July 15ths, tracing the path of their changing lives and relationship. They say if you like Nick Hornby, author of A Long Way Down, About a Boy, and High Fidelity, you'll love this. ; It's all the rage in the UK. I don't have a verdict yet but am compelled enough to keep going - it's easy summer fare.

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