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Find a Way

by Diana Nyad

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Nyad recounts her inspiring life story. Known for swimming around Manhattan at the age of 26 in 1973, she then attempted to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage. She failed in her first attempt, and went on to a career of broadcast journalism. But the dream of...

The fastest man alive : the true story of Usain Bolt

by Usain Bolt

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    Even if you have never watched a hundred meter race you surely have heard about this man, the flamboyant, charismatic Jamaican sprint star who breaks world records with impunity and has his trademark lightning bolt celebration when he wins. In this book he traces his rise from humble...

October is for (Biography) Lovers

Isabella: The Warrior Queen

What is it about biographies and memoirs? Is it the thrill of finding out intimate information about someone we only know through a public face? The inspiration we get from stories of overcoming obstacles? Learning more about someone when all you really know is that you respect their work? Biographies are perpetually popular at the library, and we are always getting new ones in, but it seems that October is the month that all biography lovers are waiting for.

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