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Big Stone Gap

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Big Stone Gap is a sweet film with family, romance and friendship as overarching themes throughout the film. The all star cast delivers beautiful and funny performances. The dialogue is laugh out loud funny! Jenna Elfman delivers one of my favorite portrayals of a librarian on film that I have...


by Stephen King

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This engaging ghost story marked a return to top form for Stephen King in 2013. The gruesome killing at the heart of this story is not emphasized throughout most of the book. Instead, King focuses on telling a heartfelt, nostalgic story about coming-of-age in the 1970’s. 21-year-old Devin comes to...

Classic '70s films

The '70s

Let's re-visit the '70s and remind ourselves what a groovy time it was for movie goers.

Awwww what a time; disco balls, bell bottom jeans, muscle cars, and so much more! But, let's not forget that this was also a time for movies that were just plain awesome. They say that the golden age of movies was between 1927 and 1963, but I feel that is premature. If you really look at the number of films that left a profound impact with film audiences in the '70s, you would agree that 1963 date should be extended to 1979. If you're interested, you can also check out the links below to learn interesting facts about these films.

My friend Dahmer : a graphic novel

by Derf

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Author Derf Backderf graduated from high school with Jeffrey Dahmer in 1978. While they weren't close, they moved in the same outcast circles, and Backderf has a unique perspective on the early development of the man that would become one of the worst modern serial killers. Combining his recollections with...

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