Westwood Library staff wear blue backpacks to promote children’s literacy

Over 250 classrooms participate in Denver Public Library’s Read Aloud program

Westwood Branch Library is Denver Public Library’s smallest location in terms of square footage, but its impact on the Westwood neighborhood and surrounding communities is tenfold. Library staff at Westwood are not confined to behind the checkout desk. Most days of the week, you can find them at nearby schools reading to children and building connections. Branch Supervisor and Librarian, Lisa Champion participates in nine classrooms alone as part of Denver Public Library’s Read Aloud Program.

What is the Read Aloud program about?

Imagine if Denver Public Library’s lively storytimes toured your preschool regularly. Read Aloud connects library staff and volunteers from all locations to Denver Public Schools preschools and Head Start Program classrooms. Readers are equipped with cute blue backpacks full of books, storytime props, and toys to instill a love for reading.

ABC, 123, Read Aloud’s impact is pretty big:

  • The Read Aloud program has been going on for over 35 years.
  • Denver Public Library visits 254 classrooms weekly in around 135 schools.
  • Over 150 readers participate and read to children with many reading to multiple classrooms a week.
  • Some readers have been participating for over ten years.
  • Read Aloud is available in English and Spanish.
  • About 1,200 books circulate weekly for the program during 28 weeks of the year.
  • Children receive a book as a gift at the end of each semester.

Westwood Branch Library staff are known as Read Aloud Superstars!

Lisa Champion smiles from the Westwood Library's circulation desk.

Lisa has 18 years under her belt with the Denver Public Library’s Read Aloud Program. “It's my favorite part of my job. I just adore reading to kids and hearing what they think about the books and what they come up with,” she says.

Participating teachers are grateful to have Read Aloud volunteers come in regularly. Lisa notes “a surprising lack of access to new good books, especially [for] preschool teachers.” Miguel Romero is the library program associate at the library location and reads to six classrooms weekly including Spanish Read Alouds. He formed a strong working relationship with a teacher through the program and is excited to start hosting their classroom at the Westwood library. Denver Public Library’s weekly presence in classrooms serves as a reminder for educators to think of the Library as a resource to support their work.

The Denver Public Library celebrates its Read Aloud staff and community volunteers at the end of every year with cultural events, tours, and dinners. Would you like to volunteer for the Read Aloud program? Reach out to rda@denverlibrary.org.

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Westwood Branch Library receives refresh thanks to Strong Library, Strong Denver, supported by the DPL Fund

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