RISE Denver GO Bond

During the COVID-19 pandemic, economies across the globe suffered some of the most severe economic impacts felt since the 1930's. Denver's recovery is underway, and the City is further stimulating our recovery with a $260 million GO Bond for infrastructure projects estimated to create 4,200 good-paying jobs and $550 million in economic output for businesses all across Metro Denver. In 2021, Denver voters passed the RISE bond which included three library projects. 

The RISE bond includes funding for the Denver Public Library to construct two new branch libraries, in the Globeville and Westwood neighborhoods, and an expansion project for the Hampden Branch Library. These neighborhoods were identified as needing additional library services in the Denver Public Library’s 2017 Facilities Master Plan.

All three projects are currently in various planning stages. This page will provide up to date information on each location project. 

Hampden Branch Library Bond Updates

Community Input
As an important member of our library community, DPL would like to hear from you! Please consider filling out this short ballot to help us understand what elements and space you value most at the Hampden Branch. Fill out the ballot here.

Since its original construction in 1975 and renovation in 2010, the Hampden Branch Library has seen significant growth and demand in computer use, programming, resources and staff growth. This project will address these capacity challenges and add an additional 4,000 square feet to the library, allowing for community spaces for programming and meetings, public computing, an enhanced collection, an expanded maker space and a dedicated teen area.

The bond provides the library with $3,440,000 to renovate the Hampden location.  Planning for design will start in Winter 2023. 

Are you interested in staying up to date on the progress on any of these projects? Send us an email at asauceda@denverlibrary.org to be added to our distribution list.

Globeville Branch Library

The Denver Public Library is further exploring the possibility of the branch location at 4995 Washington, under Evergreen Partners, a local real estate development company focused on creating affordable housing in Denver. What drew us to this site was the vision for the project and its focus on creating a community hub that includes affordable housing and community services. Their vision aligns with our mission and values and their interest in the library from the beginning sets us up for a collaborative partnership. In addition, this part of Globeville will see an increase in population over the next few years with new housing available making this a prime location for a library. Lastly, the timeline for this project also aligns with our interest to move forward with building a new branch in this part of the city. 
We look forward to this process with our continued work with the community in the construction of a new library location in the Globeville neighborhood. 

The work toward the creation of the location goes back several years. Denver Public Library studied 2014’s Globeville Neighborhood Plan and in 2017, announced its desire for the development of the new location in its Master Facilities Plan. In 2021, the City approached voters for funding on a number of projects, including the creation of a library in Globeville, through the voter approved 2021 RISE Bond. Denver voters supported the bond initiative and provided the library with $12,000,000 for the creation of the Globeville library for the building construction, site acquisition, collection, and technology.

Throughout 2022, Denver Public Library engaged the Globeville community by connecting with parents at Garden Place Elementary, holding various conversations at community hubs, and collecting feedback through surveys in an effort to capture the voice of the neighborhood.
This input has been crucial as it has informed the organization what the neighborhood needs and envisions for the new library location. Denver Public Library will continue to work collaboratively with other City agencies in this process to make the new location a reality in the next few years.

Lena Archuleta Branch Library

February 12, 2024

Photo of the interior space of DPL's newest library, the Lena Archuleta Branch Library. The location is under construction so beams are visible as well as wood planks. Staff visiting the location are in hard hats and safety vests.A photo of the a building being constructed. The building will house the Lena Archuleta Branch Library

Photos of the Lena Archuleta Branch Library construction site reveal steady work is being made toward an opening later this year. The library will seamlessly co-locate with community partners through Lifespan Local and Westwood Redeemer. The proximity to organizations providing child care, teen engagement, and community kitchens makes the Lena Archuleta Branch Library unique while preserving the legacy of Lena L. Archuleta’s dedication to education and community work.

December 21, 2023

The Denver Public Library Commission voted to approve the Lena Archuleta Branch Library as the official name for this library’s newest location which will be DPL’s 28th library branch. This new branch will complement the existing Westwood Branch Library and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Denver Public Library is working in partnership with community organization Lifespan Local to build a new library branch in the neighborhood. In February 2021, Lifespan Local purchased the Redeemer Lutheran Church one block south of Alameda Avenue on Irving Street. This location will be where the new branch will be created. Construction began on the site in June of 2022.

At 900 square feet, the existing Westwood Branch Library is the smallest library in the Denver Public Library system, located in a neighborhood identified as needing additional library services in the Denver Public Library’s 2017 Facilities Master Plan. The existing space lacks room for community gatherings, learning, and programming and limits the circulating collection. The lack of space also restricts the number of public access computers, internet services, and types of programs offered. This project will construct an additional library that will be a co-created space with other neighborhood organizations providing the community a unique, collective impact model focusing on services to immigrants, refugees, and early learning support for youth.

The bond provides the library with $13,880,000 to construct a new, additional location in Westwood. The property is located at 3300 West Nevada Place, within the Westwood Redeemer development. The property, which formerly housed the Lutheran Redeemer Church, was purchased in 2021 and is being developed by Lifespan Local, led by Dr. Lydia Prado. The new location will be a partnership with Westwood Redeemer. The branch is expected to be finished by 2024.