Resources for Ex-Offenders

Getting a Job

DPL Guide for Jobseekers

Information about job search sites, online applications, resumes, cover letters and interviews.

Dealing With Your Record

Some people assume that no one will hire a person with a criminal record, but this just isn’t true. People with felony convictions get jobs in Denver every day. Below are resources for how to present yourself and your past to future employers.

How Employers Can Benefit from Hiring Ex-Offenders

The Federal government has two programs to encourage employers to hire ex-offenders. The employers themselves may not know about these incentives, so you might have to explain it to them, as an additional benefit of hiring you.

Need Tech Help?

All of our libraries have public computers (and more!) available for you to use, and staff who can assist you if you need help. If you are looking to improve your tech skills, we offer a wide variety of free tech classes at our libraries, from computer basics to learning to code, as well as individual Tech Help Appointments. Call 720.865.1706 to set up a Tech Help Appointment at the Central Library, or contact your local branch library.