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GED tests and practice tests and courses for all ages, from school age help for tests and skills, to high school equivalency, college prep and college skills, to career skills, computer skills, citizenship and recursos en español. Create a free account to get started and track your progress.

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Access to the Udemy learning platform is available to permanent library card holders. You will not be able to access Udemy using VPN. Any form of IP masking will block your Udemy account. When using a mobile device to access Udemy, use local Wi-Fi to avoid being blocked. If you are out of state on vacation, business or family, we apologize, but you will need to wait until you return home to Colorado to be able to register an account or login.

A learning platform that offers a wide range of courses in the fields of Cloud Computing, Data Science, Development, IT Operations, Leadership & Management, Marketing, Personal Development, Project Management and Operations.  The majority of courses offer a Udemy certificate of completion.

You will need a Google, Microsoft, or Gale account to sign in to Udemy.

To install the app on your device, choose the "Udemy for Business" app and then fill in when prompted.

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Magazines and journals focused on vocations, careers and technical education. Video Tutorials from Gale

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