ideaLAB Recording Studio FAQ

ideaLAB Recording Studio

What is available in the recording studio?
Inside the studio is a Mac with Logic Pro X and Garageband, as well as various microphones and instruments. It is sound-treated (but not sound-proof) and has a door to close out the noise from the rest of the library.

Logic Pro X

M-Audio KeyRig 49 Keyboard
Condenser microphone
Dynamic microphone
Hercules DJ Controller
Guitar and bass

How long do I get to use it for?
The ideaLAB studio is walk-in only, and the default session is for one hour. If there is no one else waiting to use the studio after your hour, you're welcome to stay an extra hour. You do need a library card to use the ideaLAB studio.

Is there someone there to help me?
There are staff and volunteers present in the ideaLAB at all times. All of us can get you started recording - some of us can provide help on higher-level skills like mastering, virtual instruments, and beat creation. You can schedule a one-on-one with a staff member by calling us at 720-865-1706 or emailing Please note: we will not record you or make beats for you - our one-on-ones focus on teaching you how to do those things.

Can I bring in my own instruments?
Please do!

Can I bring in my whole band?
How close are you to your fellow band members? It is a small space - about 8' x 10' - with just enough space to assemble a drum kit. A ska band would be out of the question.