MakerCamp @ Central

Ideal Ages:

8 to 16
This is the first event of a series.
Registration for this event is no longer open.

Program Description

Event Details

MakerCamp is a free week-long introduction to tools used in the ideaLAB for kids and teens (ages 8-16).

This summer we'll be working on a project to design and build the city of the future, and we'll help you create a video that shows off the final product.

  • Monday, July 15: Bring Your Ideas to Life
    • We'll make a plan, work through the design process, draw up a blueprint, and start the building process.
  • Tuesday, July 16: Design for 3D Printing
    • We'll use TinkerCAD to create models for objects that will then be 3D printed and featured in our city.
  • Wednesday, July 17: Stitch It Together, Light it Up!
    • We'll learn how to use a sewing machine to create a patchwork floor plan for our city and explore ways we can integrate LED lights into our project.
  • Thursday, July 18: Set the Scene
    • We'll explore high and low tech ways to add decoration, scenery, and accessories to our city.
  • Friday, July 19: Movie Making
    • We'll finish any final assembly of our city, then we'll use iPads and iMovie to create a promotional video, documentary, or story about what you've built.

Registration is required, but if you are unable to make a specific day of the week, please let us know.

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