Virtual D&D for Teens Campaign: Asteroid Beta

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Games and Gaming



Ideal Ages:

11 to 18

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Join us for a medieval fantasy campaign set in outer space.

You are inhabitants of Asteroid Beta, a large comet that is not under the jurisdiction of the Overlords, the ruling class of powerful alien wizards that suppress all modern technology across the galaxy. As a result, Asteroid Beta is the Wild West of space. Beta City is a bubble city overrun with gambling dens and ruled with an iron fist by the Orc mafia. 

You have run afoul of the Orc mafia and as a result you are thrown in a prison cell. There you meet an ancient elf who claims he has a map to an immense treasure buried somewhere in the Outland beyond Beta City. Beta City is considered the most dangerous space port in the galaxy. But the Outland is an apocalyptic wasteland, overrun with monsters and warring tribes of mutants. What will you do?

Players of all levels (first time players to seasoned D&D veterans) are welcome to join us for this ongoing campaign that will meet weekly on Wednesdays at 4 pm MST. Create your own 3rd level D&D character or pick a pre-rolled character from this google folder. No Registration is required. Simply click on this link on Wednesdays at 4:00 and wait for a staff member to admit you to the Google Meet. Attendance will be limited to 7 people for a better gaming experience. 

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