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Found in a Book #5

A white cat lazing in the sun, Darth Vader playing cards, friends sharing lunch – just a few moments from the latest collection of Found in a Book

Check out the previous installments for more found treasures. Recognize something? Left something behind to be found? Let us know!

Special thanks to all the Books & Borrowing staff for collecting and sharing their finds.

This post curated and contributed by Maddie H.

Written by Dodie on August 11, 2022


gumi on August 15, 2022


Thank you very much to everyone who works at Books & Borrowing for collecting and sharing their finds.

Chris Cook on August 17, 2022


I love it when these come out! The Vader card in particular was terrific in this selection. The handwritten one about the film Sprinter gave me some icky vibes concerning the author(s) of that note, though.

Ben Watson on August 28, 2022


very fun! thank you for appreciating things less appreciated and for sharing them with us. keep 'em coming (please)!

ttyuytu on September 20, 2022


We appreciate everyone at Books & Borrowing for compiling and sharing their discoveries.
happy wheels

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