Prospector, Interlibrary Loan & Purchase Suggestions

Step 1: Search the Denver Public Library Catalog

Not in our catalog? Proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Search Prospector

Prospector is a combined catalog of regional libraries on one speedy courier system.

  • A permanent, full-privilege library card is required
  • Customers who have reached their hold limit or owe fees of $5 or more are blocked from placing Prospector requests.

If the item is not in Prospector, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
Search WorldCat to place a request in Request It for Interlibrary Loan.  

WorldCat provides access to over 2 billion items from libraries across the world. DPL uses the Request It system for all Interlibrary Loan requests. Simply find the item you would like to request in WorldCat and click the "Request this Item Through Interlibrary Loan" button to place your request in our Request It system. You will be asked to register for an account if you are a new Interlibrary Loan user.
For advanced searching try the classic WorldCat interface.

Purchase Suggestions

The library receives many suggestions for purchase. We do our best to fill requests when suggested titles meet our guidelines and are available for purchase. 

Note that films and television series distributed by streaming service providers are often exclusive to those providers. They may be released on DVD, but such releases are often delayed. While DVDs can show up for sale sooner from secondhand sellers on retail sites like Amazon, we have determined that these are likely non-authorized bootleg copies, and will not be ordered.
Audible exclusives are also unavailable for library purchase. 

Purchase requests for pre-release titles will be canceled

Need Help? Contact Us

For help placing requests in the DPL Catalog, Prospector, or Interlibrary Loan
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To check the status of Prospector requests
Telephone: 720-865-1325

To check the status of Interlibrary Loan Requests (WorldCat)
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