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Beneath a meth moon: an elegy

by Jacqueline Woodson

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 Hurricane Katrina uprooted Laurel's family and now she lives with her father in a small town. He is by all accounts a loving, doting dad. When she starts a relationship with a ball player he introduces her to crystal meth. She thinks that she can handle it but her best...

Ghetto cowboy

by Greg Neri

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There are few books that can combine cowboys, family drama, inner city life and still have an authentic feel. In Ghetto Cowboys, we meet Cole, a troubled boy who lives with his mother in Detroit. His shenanigans have pushed his mother to the edge and she decides to carry him...

The coldest winter ever

by Sister Souljah

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       In college I  heard Sister Souljah speak at a forum held at my school and I remember her words were very powerful and  moving. Certain things she said had the auditorium in rapt attention.  This novel is no different. I went into it with low expectations but...

The bike thief

by Rita Feutl

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      Nick and his sister Katie  live in foster care and because of past transgressions they are determined to be on their best behavior for fear that they will be split up -something they don't want to see happen at all. When Katie breaks a tv set in...

Kinda like brothers

by Coe Booth

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  I rarely see juvenile fiction booths with young African-American males on the cover so needless to say I was intrigued by this title. The main character Jarrett is a rising seventh grader from Newark, New Jersey who lives with his mom, a Guyanese immigrant who works with social services...

Always running : la vida loca, gang days in L.A.

by Luis J. Rodriguez

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Luis Rodriguez is a witness and survivor of the heartbreaking cycle of poverty and violence that is the reality of East Los Angeles.  The language he uses to express himself and his relationship with that reality carries you through his journey from gangster to activist, from punk to poet, like...

Burgeoning Gaming Program in the CTC!

Kids gaming at Denver Public Library

Wii!! Xbox 360!! PS3!! Woohoooo!

As you may know, the Community Technology Center (CTC) on Level 4 of the Central Library is under construction and will soon become a large, centralized space for public access computing, technology training, and yep, gaming!

These kiddos from Hope Communities tested out our consoles this summer during a six-week program designed to introduce them to the library, teach computer skills and information literacy, and have fun!

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