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The writer's garden : how gardens inspired our best-loved authors

by Jackie Bennett

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The perfect book to read while you’re sitting in your garden or pretending you are in a garden.  Jackie Bennett takes you to visit 18 gardens in Britain and read about the 20 writers that were associated with these gardens.  Not only does she give you background on the authors...

A cup of water under my bed : a memoir

by Daisy Hernández

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A memoir exploring the intersections of culture, language, class, sexuality, and religion. Hernandez grew up in New Jersey with immigrant parents--her mother from Columbia, her father from Cuba. She learned both Spanish and English and helped her parents navigate the world, including filling out her father's unemployment applications when factory...

How poetry saved my life : a hustler's memoir

by Amber Dawn

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You'd think one thing if I told you that this was a memoir by a sex worker. You'd think another if I told you this was a memoir about the power of words to get you through life's challenges. How Poetry Saved My Life is both of these things, told...

Gender failure

by Ivan E. (Ivan Elizabeth) Coyote

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This book will challenge your notions about gender, including the male/female binary and what transgender means to you. Coyote and Spoon created this book out of live performances they did all over Canada and the United States, shows that incorporated music, animation, and stories. Along with the stories, photographs, song...

Laughing down the moon

by Eva Indigo

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What's a recently single pagan to do? Allura Satou feels like she's in a rut--with her job, with her skepticism about love. She performs rituals and asks friends for advice, which variously lead her to adopting a pet bird, trying laugh yoga, and going on a blind date. Allura is...

Headhunters on my doorstep : a true Treasure Island ghost story

by J. Maarten Troost

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Not as laugh out loud funny as Troost's previous books (The Sex Lives of Cannibals, Getting Stoned with Savages, Lost on Planet China), this journey around the South Seas is a bit more introspective, and is also interspersed with history.

Writing Inspiration for Teens from Author Mary Jane Beaufrand

Mary Jane Beaufrand

We're happy to present you with a guest post from Mary Jane Beaufrand, author of Dark River (formerly The River).

Hang around writers long enough and you’ll inevitably get The Story. “I turned in this rough draft to my college professor and it came back dripping red with edits. It looked like it had been slaughtered. He said I would never amount to anything as a writer.”

“I showed my work to my high school teacher and they told me I couldn’t bend the truth like that.”

I don’t have one particular The Story, but a lot of minor ones. I get them confused. “Now, who was it that called me a slack-jawed yokel? Not that guy—he was the one who said I was a talentless hack.”

Check Out the New Lambda Literary Web Site!

Lambda Literary

On March 1, the Lambda Literary Foundation unveiled their newly designed web site. This is the place to go for anyone interested in reading or writing LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) literature.

Lambda Literary is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1987, and its mission is to nurture, celebrate, and preserve LGBT literature. It does this by hosting the annual Lambda Literary Awards, putting on workshops for emerging writers, and promoting the visibility of LGBT books and publishers. The new site is a one-stop place to go for book reviews, articles on trends in LGBT literature, events, and interviews with writers and publishers. It is also a place for writers to find calls for submission, publishers, and agents.

Grand Central winter : stories from the street

by Lee Stringer

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Once an ambitious business owner, Lee Stringer's first tryst with a crack pipe threw him down the rabbit hole and out to society's fringe. Summering under the stars in Central Park and seeking shelter from winter's cold under Grand Central Station, Stringer spent many years as a homeless slave to...

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