Reviews and Blog Posts: WordNerds

What's Not to Love about WordNerds?

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 WordNerds is one of my favorite Fresh City Life events to host- it’s pure old-fashioned fun.  Nothing complicated, nothing messy, just a bunch of people get together to play games.  Some WordNerds come with friends, while others wander in solo, hoping to catch a game and meet people, which they inevitably do.

The evening typically starts with smaller groups of gamers pouring over Scrabble boards and Boggle cubes scattered throughout the Novo Coffee/Mad Wine area, but by the end of the night we’ve all converged like amoeba for riotously funny games of Baldderdash or Speed Scrabble.  Come 8:00, after being fueled by coffee and wine specials from our gracious hosts, our games grudgingly wind to an end, leaving us eager for next month’s gathering.

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