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Do You Read Cli Fi?


Did you hear this NPR story on what they call an emerging new genre in fiction---Cli Fi, or fiction around issues of climate change?

Meeting at some point between science fiction, apocalyptic fiction, thriller, and contemporary fiction, these books take some of today's predictions and warnings about climate change and extrapolate. With Earth Day and the weather on many people's minds these days, it might be time to try one of these reads. They range from thought-provoking to thrilling!

The Odds Against Tomorrow, Nathaniel Rich

Books for a Rainy Day

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It's Raining, It's Pouring... it's a good day to stay in, and curl up with a good book. I think a good rainy day book transports you to another place and captures your imagination from the first page.

My Top Five Books for a Rainy Day

Waiting for winter

by Sebastian Meschenmoser

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A deer tells a squirrel about snow, "White and wet and cold and soft." The squirrel decides to stay awake this winter and see the snow. The squirrel's attempts to stay awake (vigorous exercise, singing sea shanties) wake up a hedgehog and a squirrel, who also want to see this...

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