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Herbivoracious : a flavor revolution with 150 vibrant and original vegetarian recipes

by Michael Natkin

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A blog I follow referenced the Herbivoracious blog, which led me to this new vegetarian cookbook.  I belong to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), so I get a "share" of random produce each week.  I need new cookbooks to figure out what to do with all of the produce...

Hold the turkey, hold the stuffing.


Are you freaked out because your son is bringing his vegan girlfriend for Thanksgiving? Wondering what to feed a gluten-free friend? Cooking for someone who has food preferences different from your own can be daunting. Fortunately, the internet has a treasure trove of recipes that will please any type of eater. So get out your laptop, fire up the oven, and prepare to sit down to a feast that everyone on your guest list can enjoy!

You're probably wondering what a post about special diets is doing in the Library's Technology Blog. Well if you're an adventurer like me, you hop online to get the latest news, check weather reports, and ooo and awwwww over photos of your friends' kids. The web is also my favorite place to find recipes! It's true. I can often be found whipping up vegan vittles in my kitchen with my laptop sitting safely atop the breakfast bar. I have piles of vegan cookbooks, but when I've cooked for friends with different dietary restrictions I went to the internet for recipes.

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