Reviews and Blog Posts: Urban renewal

House : a memoir

by Michael Ruhlman

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This wonderful book explores the notion of home as the author and his family renovate a century-old house in Cleveland.  Although his defense of sprawl overlooks the physical distinction between streetcar suburbs and automobile suburbs, this is a great read for those who love old houses.

The barn house : confessions of an urban rehabber

by Ed Zotti

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With a new baby on the way, Zotti and his family defy convention and move into a dicey inner city Chicago neighborhood to renovate a dilapidated Victorian house at a time when everyone else is fleeing. Hilarious and informative, this restoration saga by the editor of The Straight Dope​ is filled...

The last good chance : a novel

by Tom Barbash

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Nationally recognized urban planner, Jack Lambeau, has returned to his hometown in upstate New York a hero. Tasked with breathing new life into this dying, former industry town, Jack rallies citizens, politicians and businessmen around his brilliant and inspiring plans for a thriving renewal. But before the new boardwalks and...

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