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The trophy wife

by 1985- author Ashley

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This was my first time reading an Urban Fiction book and, I have to admit, I actually enjoyed it! The fast-paced and gritty story line kept my attention from beginning to end. I read this book in a week (which never happens, because I'm a slow reader :) I'm currently...

Addicted : a novel

by Zane

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I enjoy books that entertain and give me something to sink my teeth into, this is why I thoroughly enjoyed reading Addicted by Zane.  Zoe Reynard has it all: a great marriage, three beautiful children, and a thriving company. But, Zoe has a dark secret…..she is addicted to sex.  Zoe...

How it went down

by Kekla Magoon

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  Sometimes when an incident occurs eyewitnesses have a different take on what exactly occurred. What they see is often colored by their experiences and /or prejudices. That is the case in Kekla Magoon's fantastic book for teens called How It Went Down which deals with the fall out from the...

Bad boy

by Dream Jordan

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Katie’s life gets flipped on it’s head when she finds herself returning to the chaos of a group home after spending the last year with a loving foster family. Things feel like they couldn’t get any worse when suddenly a hot older boy, Percy, starts crushing on her. Percy treats...

Mama black widow

by 1918-1992 Iceberg Slim

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To say the least, Mama Black Widow is brutal. Nothing good happens in this book. The happiest thing that happened was a childhood Christmas in which the mother makes stars for the tree out of the saved-up foil from packs of cigarettes... and even that has an obvious element of...

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