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This side of home

by Renée Watson

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It’s senior year for twins Nikki and Maya, but big changes are already happening around the girls. Their neighborhood is changing, and they’re not sure if it’s for the better: rents are going up causing longtime neighbors to be priced out, new stores and restaurants are taking over, and the...

Sea of shadows

by Kelley Armstrong

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Twin sisters Moria and Ashyn are charged with keeping the ghosts in the Forest of the Dead appeased. But for some reason, this year the ghosts won't be silenced. And lots of other mythological beasts are stirring as well. Will the sisters be able to save their people? 

For fans of Tamara...

The best unknown actor in the world!

His name is Choi Min‑sik and hands down he has to be the best unknown actor in the world!

In South Korea, Choi Min‑sik is one of the top dogs in the film industry. But, when It comes to the United States, Europe, etc., his name is never even mentioned. What a shame! Choi Min‑sik has what we Americans like to call the "IT" factor.

He can play any role and make it legit; the raw emotions he brings are second to none and he can easily compete with the best of them.

After Iris

by Natasha Farrant

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Bluebell tells this story in a mixture of diary entries and video transcripts – it is the story of life in the family in the years after her twin sister Iris dies. A bit sad, but a well told story with some funny moments. Recommended for grades 4-8.

Red rain

by R. L. Stine

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If you spent your childhood staying up nights reading the latest Goosebumps book and are feeling nostalgic for R.L. Stine’s brand of horror you may be excited to hear about Red Rain, his recently released horror novel for adults.  Back are his page-turning plot details, a bit more gruesome and...

Her fearful symmetry : a novel

by Audrey Niffenegger

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American twins inherit a somber London flat, bordering the famous Highgate Cemetery and develop interesting friendships with local residents, both living and dead. So wonderfully atmospheric, I hated to have it end.

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