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Playing house. Season 1

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I first saw Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair together on @midnight and their chemistry and humor (combined with my saved search for anything with Keegan Michael Key) led me to Playing House Season One. It's a witty and laugh out loud show about an unconventional friendship, and the 30...

Revenge : the secret origin of Emily Thorne

by Ted Sullivan

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In this all new graphic novel inspired by the ABC hit TV series “Revenge”, Emily Thorne (AKA Amanda Clark) is a wealthy and good hearted philanthropist who befriends the Grayson family.  However, some twenty years ago, the powerful and elite Grayson family committed a horrific crime and framed Amanda’s father. ...

Scintillating Science

Periodic Table of the Elements cupcakes (Chemical Heritage Foundation)

Forget spring, science is in the air! It's everywhere, even on cupcakes (photo courtesy of the Chemical Heritage Foundation).

Science is in our schools - well, OK, it has always been there but is getting a new emphasis (or should I say renewed emphasis) in Colorado schools through the Colorado Department of Education's STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education program designed to help students become better prepared for higher education and life beyond high school.

Where's All the 2014 Stuff?


I'm sure many of you out there are thinking the same thing--why isn't that new (book, movie, tv show) item by my favorite (author, actor) in the catalog yet? Rest assured, these items WILL be on order soon!

Here at DPL, we try to order materials 2-3 months ahead of publication, but because of the way our yearly funding works, we have to wait until a bit later in the year to start ordering next year's titles. We know that you're anxious to get onto the list for some sure to be popular items, so start looking for new books by these authors (not to mention Season 4 of Downton Abbey!) within the next few weeks:

Alan Bradley--The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches

Robin Cook--Cell

Lisa Gardner--Fear Nothing

Lisa Unger--In the Blood

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