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Laying Tracks- traveling by train writer's residency program

Trains in the United States are becoming a thing again. Recently Amtrak has launched a Writers in Residence program of which I am INSANELY jealous and plan on applying at some point (hopefully the program will take off like wildfire and be available for many years to come.) But in the meantime I will have to bide my time with fantasies and books.

Rage is back

by Adam Mansbach

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Kicked out of school, Dondi stumbles upon his estranged father, "Rage," who has come back to NYC to settle an old score.  A legendary graffiti artist, "Rage" revives a network of "ninjas" from New York's glory days to paint the town every imaginable color.  Written in a first-person cadence that quickly draws you in, this novel...

Café Lumière

by Hou Hsiao-hsein

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Celebrated Taiwanese auteur, Hou Hsiao-hsien, created this low-key Japanese-language drama in honor of the centenary of the birth of Japanese golden-age filmmaker Yasujiro Ozu.  It charts a brief period in the life Yoko, a young Japanese writer and scholar of Taiwanese classical music.  Having discovered that she is pregnant with her Taiwanese boyfriend's...

Hobo : a young man's thoughts on trains and tramping in America

by Eddy Joe Cotton

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A narrative on the life of an American Hobo, this true story may be a modern day On the Road. At the age of 19, Eddy Joe Cotton left Denver and began riding the rails. Through his honest observations, the reader gets not only his personal experience, but also a...

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