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Death in Yellowstone : accidents and foolhardiness in the first national park

by Lee H. Whittlesey

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Lee Whittlesey, historian for Yellowstone Park has been studying and writing about the Park for over 35 years. His Death in Yellowstone was originally published in 1995 with this new edition updated through 2013.

Fill the Void = Lemale et ha'chalal : torn between her heart and her family

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Shira is 18 years old and must decide whether to be true to herself or fulfill a family duty. Ultimately the question is whether or not they are one in the same. I saw the film three times in the movie theater to take advantage of the larger screen as...

Coping with Grief and Tragedy

March 2001 Employee of the Month Award from Aurora Century 16

The events at the Aurora Century 16 Movie Theater have stunned and saddened people across the country. As a former employee of the Aurora Century 16 Movie Theater, my thoughts are with the employees and those in attendance last night.

I did not believe what I was reading this morning when I learned about the events that occurred while most of Colorado slumbered. Working at the Aurora Century 16 theater was my first job after I graduated from Purdue and moved to Colorado over 10 years ago. If you have never worked in a movie theater, it is not as glamorous as you might think. My work uniform involved wearing a vest with popcorn on it and a bow tie. Popcorn does have an alluring aroma, but not when you can't wash it out of your hair.

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