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Storyblocks Adds New Videos in Vietnamese!

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Parents, teachers, caregivers, anyone with young children in their life - have you visited Storyblocks yet? A wonderful website created by Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy (with help from the Colorado State Library and Rocky Mountain PBS), Storyblocks hosts a great variety of videos of songs and rhymes perfect to share with babies, toddlers and even preschoolers.

My toddler and I light stuff on fire.

We have a new routine at my house. When it’s getting towards bedtime my two and a half year old stands expectantly by the couch and begins her nightly chorus of “can I play Stickman? Can I play Stickman? Mommy, can I play Stickman?

Your two-year old terrible or tender

by Louise Bates Ames

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I borrowed this classic parenting book to read on my Kindle.  The original book was published in 1976.  As I read the book, I was reminded of how much our world has changed since the 1970s.  The book is written in a more formal style than most current books and...

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