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Alice in Wonderland : graphic novel

by Alessandro Ferrari

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I decided to read this version as I am a fan of Tim Burton and Alice in Wonderland. I would give this five stars as it's a very good comic adaptation of the movie, but the artwork is haphazard and sloppy. Again I am a fan of Tim Burton's artwork,...

The first cut is the deepest -- Edward and his scissorhands

Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands

Being Tim Burton film series opens this Tuesday!

No contemporary filmmaker has created a body of work that showcases so singular a vision as Tim Burton. With a gothic palette and an Emo sensibility, Burton creates memorable, quirky and thoroughly original stories on film. He dares his audience to dream unreal dreams while tapping into our universal desire to be unique and our fears of being alone, rejected or, worst of all, normal. Walter Chaw,, hosts with after-film discussion

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