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Frozen heat

by Richard Castle

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This fourth book in the meta-fictional Nikki Heat series, based on the Castle television show, is the best so far. Written in the same tone as the show, and paralleling key plot points and character arcs, these books within the TV show are perfect companion pieces. Johnny Heller's reading fits...

Miss Fisher's murder mysteries. Series 1

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Set in Melbourne during the 1920’s, Miss Fisher’s Mysteries is a fun and less gory take on the typical murder mystery. Phryne Fisher is a wealthy flapper whose devil may care attitude conceals her continued obsession with the disappearance and presumed death of her sister. The series is funny and...

Continuum. Season one

For those of you who watch Sci-Fi purely for the tech, you won't be disappointed. This is an interesting take on time travel and associated quandaries as well as a discussion about the extreme conclusion of privatization and how tech changes the way that we think. The stories take place...

Dead like me. Disc 1 the complete first season

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When 18-year-old George is killed by a toilet seat from space, she discovers she has become a grim reaper. Unfortunately, reapers don't get paid so George is forced to get a job in addition to being a "bail bondsmen for the disembodied." A sometimes funny, sometimes serious look at life...

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