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Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman. Volume 2

I can't quite give this compilation 5 stars because a few of the issues weren't that great. The two that I loved and will make me recommend this book, are by Noelle Stevenson (Nimona) and Lauren Beukes  (Fairest, a Fable spin off). These two issues are the most unique and refreshing...

My true love gave to me twelve holiday stories

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I enjoyed listening to this book, but there were two stories that I could not listen to. The story lines were not interesting or too complicated to follow. With those two exceptions, I loved the stories and in a few cases, I wished a few of the stories were longer....


Float by Daniel Miyares

Whether you're interested in gift ideas or recommended reads, the following titles are the best and brightest children's and teen books of 2015 - as chosen by librarians throughout the Denver Public Library system. Browse all the books in our catalog or follow the links for each category.

Books for the Very Youngest:

Things I'll never say : stories about our secret selves

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I loved the stories in the books, but since they're all short stories I was unsatisfied. There were a few stories that made me want more from the characters. The few pages were just too quick to feel closure, but maybe that's the point. Most of the stories are teens...

DevCamp 2015

This summer, 62 teens from across Denver took a dive into web development with the help of local developers and the library at a DevCamp. What they made was pretty amazing.


by Aaron Karo

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  Shane is a smooth operator. He has a list of tips and tricks that can help even the nerdiest high schooler get with the girl of his dreams. Shane practices what he preaches too and is currently going out with one of the prettiest girls in school. His rep...

CoderDojo + Prototyping + Pizza = Awesome

This spring, the CoderDojo has covered Scratch, robotics, JavaScript, Processing, and Rasperry Pi. Now we're on to our most important subject: PIZZA!

Teen Animation Jam

Flip Book

At the Park Hill Branch Library, instead of a Teen Book Club, we have a Teen B.U.I.L.D. club. B.U.I.L.D. stands for Believe, Understand, Imagine, Learn, Discover or Build Unrealistic Items and Live Destiny or Build Useless Ideas, Later Destroy or maybe something else entirely different. We're kind of loose with what the acronym stands for but what it boils down to is once a month Teens get together at Park Hill and we make something creative together. Sometimes it involves creative writing, sometimes it involves visual art, usually its a mixture of both.

Enter the CoderDojo

We're happy to announce that, starting in January, the ideaLAB will be hosting a CoderDojo, organized by some terrific partners in the community from SendGrid and Talent Lattice!

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