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Your 24/7 Reference Shelf: Gale Virtual Reference Library

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When you're working on a research project, wouldn't it be great if you had a whole collection of reference books you could use any time of day or night? Well, if you have a library card and access to the Internet, you do! Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) is an online reference collection that students can access from home, with over 3,500 electronic reference books—including encyclopedias, almanacs, biographies, guides to current events and controversies, and much more.

Flight : a novel

by Sherman Alexie

Reviewer Rating:

Flight is an interesting book. I didn't rate very high because at times it had time keeping my attention. It may have been because I listened to the book. The switching of time and place was very confusing for me, maybe in the book it would have been easier to...

Evil librarian

by Michelle Knudsen

Reviewer Rating:

An insanely attractive librarian is sucking souls and taking names and students cannot help but be under his spell when they are in his presence. Cynthia Rothschild suspects there is more to the librarian once her friend Annie falls under his spell. Once Cynthia discovers that he is, in fact,...


by Gabrielle Zevin

Reviewer Rating:

This book was recommended to me by multiple people, including the professor of one of my young adult literature courses. I can now say I have no idea why I was told it was a "must read" for anyone who wants to work with teens. Not only did it take...


by Rainbow Rowell

Reviewer Rating:

I have grown to love listening to Rainbow Rowell's work. I think the people chosen to read for the characters is accurate. I also love the way her books are written, the sense of reality in her fiction. It makes me want to believe the characters are real people. Each...

Lies my girlfriend told me a novel

by Julie Anne Peters

Reviewer Rating:

I loved this book because it did talk about LGBT teens, but it wasn't stereotypical. You could've switched the characters to straight and the story wouldn't have changed much. Alix, has her world torn apart when she finds out her girlfriend dies unexpectedly, but that's the only thing that shocks...

Teens learning web development at the library: DevCamp wraps up!

Last Friday, we wrapped up DevCamp, a two-week crash course in web development for teens. Over six days, 24 teens learned the basics of HTML and CSS - with a bit of JavaScript sprinkled on top - and worked in teams to develop websites on topics they selected.

Summer of Tech 2014 is Going to be SO RAD.

Teens! (Parents of teens!) Looking for something to spice up your summer? Bored of lazing around the house? The ideaLAB's Summer of Tech 2014 TECH BLITZ will have have you out of the house and making amazing stuff! 

Let's talk about SEX

Yup, that's right. Today's topic is SEX.

Let's be honest. Kids and teenagers probably know what sex is and what it's about; I mean how can they not!? TV, movies, music, art, etc. are filled with it.

Everything leads to you

by Nina LaCour

A story of connection, family, the power of movies, and the power of the stories we tell ourselves, Emi Price's summer is captivating. She's just graduated from high school, has been working as set design intern for a movie studio for years, and has just gotten a big break and...

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