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Denver Public Library Group Visits & Tours

A trip to the library can be as simple as hanging out and browsing the stacks, or as structured as a tour followed by a specialized workshop on research skills and resources.

Teachers: Request Research Pathfinders for Your Students

claassified research by throgers, Flickr: The Commons, Creative Commons license

When you are guiding your students through research projects this year (large or small), take advantage of the Library's Research Pathfinder service.

If this isn't nice, what is? : advice for the young : the graduation speeches

by Kurt Vonnegut

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I am a big fan of commencement speeches so I was keenly interested in what Vonnegut had to say. The essay by Dan Wakefield, Vonnegut's friend and fellow writer, is not just a reminder of what Vonnegut has experienced in his life as a war veteran but also revealed a man...

Storyblocks Adds New Videos in Vietnamese!

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Parents, teachers, caregivers, anyone with young children in their life - have you visited Storyblocks yet? A wonderful website created by Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy (with help from the Colorado State Library and Rocky Mountain PBS), Storyblocks hosts a great variety of videos of songs and rhymes perfect to share with babies, toddlers and even preschoolers.

Celebrate Women's History Month with Authors Maisha I and Dr. Adrienne Bryant

Join newly published authors for a book-signing.

Maisha I shares her life story in her book, Journey to I, encouraging others to never give up and to find the winning strength within themselves. Dr. Bryant honors the creativity of parents with her book, Original African American Names: Undefined. Each author shares the inspirational and empowering feeling when meaning is rendered from one’s name. Stop by and join us for what promises to be an interesting afternoon.

Promise me something

by Sara Kocek

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Reyna has a lot to deal with. Her mom died seven years ago, and her dad has a new girlfriend. She's just started high school--at a different school than the rest of her friends. She's not sure where she fits in. Reyna doesn't really like Olive when she starts talking...

Forgive me, Leonard Peacock : a novel

by Matthew Quick

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This is a very sad day in the life of Leonard Peacock, unfortunately it also happens to be his 18th birthday. This is the day Lenard chooses to be his last day and that of his enemy and former friend Asher. Leonard goes to school armed with his grandfathers P-38...


by Roald Dahl

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You’ve got to love a book that extols books and librarians.  Matilda is about a precocious young girl who has neglectful parents and looks after herself. Her local librarian, Mrs. Phelps opens her to the world of books.  Matilda has some special skills that help her right some wrongs and...

October is Anti-Bullying Month--Are You Ready to Take a Stand?


October is Anti-Bullying Month. If you are a teen, kid, parent, teacher, or if you interact with any of these people, bullying probably has affected you somehow.

Bullying can take many forms, from teasing and spreading rumors about someone to physically hurting to exclusion to anonymous cyberbullying. Have you ever been bullied? Have you ever bullied someone? Have you ever stood by and not said something while someone was being bullied? Have you ever spoken up for someone?

The more we all educate ourselves about what bullying is, what the causes are, and what we can do about, the more safe our schools, gyms, streets, and cyberspace will be.

Between you & me

by Marisa Calin

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Phyre wants to be an actress, and this book is written as her diary-style screenplay of her life. Taking place over the fall semester of the school year in which Phyre develops a massive crush on the new drama teacher, Mia, gets the lead in the school play, and has...

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