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Pen & ink : tattoos and the stories behind them

by Isaac Fitzgerald

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I love tattoo books, and I love pen and ink drawings, and I also love memoir so this book was a total home run for me. It was great getting a peek at the various reasons why people get tattooed: some are heartbreaking, some are inspiring and some are just...

Science ink : tattoos of the science obsessed

by Carl Zimmer

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I came across this book by chance when pulling up a complete list of Mary Roach's titles for someone (she writes the introduction, and if you like science and haven't read her books, check her out!). Science Ink takes something simple--scientists and their tattoos, and packages it to be entertaining...

Indelible Books

in·del·i·ble / inˈdeləbəl /  Adjective

(of ink or a pen) Making marks that cannot be removed.
Not able to be forgotten or removed.

Looking for your next tattoo? Did you know there was a Facebook group for Tattooed Librarians? After checking out The Word Made Flesh, I'm not surprised!

Getting a tattoo may not be your cup of tea. But as fans of the television show Miami Ink know, you don't have to have one to be fascinated by them.

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